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UAE confirms 2 more COVID19 cases, one of them another Filipino

DUBAI:  The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) on late Friday afternoon, Feb. 21, announced two new COVID19 cases, one of them another Filipino.

”The two new cases are for a 34-year-old Filipino and a 39-year-old Bangladeshi. Their condition is stable,” MoHAP said. It was the second COVID19 case involving a Filipino.

The announcement came barely a week after MoHAP confirmed a ninth case in the UAE involving a 37-year-old Chinese, who was diagnosed during a routine check-up and whose condition was reported by the Emirates News Agency (ENA) to have stabilized.

The two new confirmed cases brought to 11 the total number of novel coronavirus, or COVID19, patients in the UAE, three of whom have fully recovered, according to ENA. These included a 73-year-old woman from China, identified as Liu Yujia, the first case of full recovery reported by ENA on Feb. 9.

By the numbers

The case of the first Filipino who has been confirmed to be afflicted with the virus was announced by ENA on Feb. 8.

A local daily, citing Marford Angeles, consul general and deputy head of the Philippine Embassy, said the 43-year-old Filipino’s condition was “getting worse.”

“The condition of our kababayan (compatriot) is getting worse. We can assure, however, the patient is being given maximum health care and support,” Gulf News quoted Angeles as saying.


MoHAP meantime explained that the two new cases had close contact with the recently confirmed cases of the Chinese citizen.

The ministry affirmed that it is screening all persons in close contact with the confirmed cases to avert spreading of the disease and ensure safety of the community.

The ministry said it was coordinating with health and other concerned authorities in the country, and had been following a very effective epidemiological monitoring mechanism. All the necessary precautions to ensure highly efficient preventive measures were taken, including check-ups and observation of people in contact with patients. It was all done as per the guidelines and standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), the ministry added.

It urged the public to follow the preventive procedures and to read the awareness instructions available on its website and the official websites of health authorities in the UAE.

“The public are also advised to adopt protective health behaviors to avoid infectious diseases, including washing hands with soap and clean water, and covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing to stop the spread of germs and viruses,” the ministry said.

There are approximately 750,000 Filipinos, mostly contract workers, in the UAE.

WHO situation report

According to WHO’s Feb. 20, 2020 situation report, there are now 75,748 confirmed COVID19 cases globally, with 548 of the new ones reported from China.

The WHO report also stated that there were  74,675 confirmed cases in China with 399 of them new ones; and 2,121 deaths, including 115 new ones.

Outside of China, there have been 1,073 confirmed cases (149 new) and eight deaths (five new) in 26 countries, the WHO situation report further said.

WHO has placed at “high” its COVID19 global risk assessment.


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