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15 new COVID-19 cases in UAE bring total at 74

DUBAI: The number of COVID-19 cases in the UAE has further climbed to 74 following the discovery of 15 new cases from inbound traffic at the country’s ports of entry, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), announced on Tuesday night, March 10.

Also on Tuesday, MoHAP said five more novel coronavirus patients have fully recuperated, bringing the total number of recovered cases in the country to 17.

MoHAP likewise called on the public to seek information from official sources and avoid spreading misinformation.

Meantime, MoHAP said 15 new novel coronavirus cases involved individuals “who were traveling prior to their entry into the UAE” and “were placed under quarantine as suspected cases subsequent to their (arrival).”

“Following diligent testing and monitoring, the individuals were confirmed positive with COVID-19,” MoHAP said.

“The total number of positive coronavirus cases in the UAE has now reached 74,” the government health agency added.

The 15 individuals diagnosed with the new coronavirus include three Italians, two Emiratis, two Sri Lankans, two British, two Indians, a German, a South African, a Tanzanian and an Iranian, MoHAP said.

The agency also said the cases were being monitored, and that the patients were, as of press time, in a stable condition, receiving all necessary health care required.

On March 9, MoHAP confirmed 14 new cases, which brought the total to 59. On March 7,  the total was 45, according to the government agency.


Meantime, MoHAP said five COVID-19 patients – three Emiratis, an Egyptian and a Moroccan – are now “symptom-free” after receiving the necessary health treatment in the hospital.

It said the UAE’s handling of the cases, from diagnosis until recovery, reflects the strength of its health care system.

MoHAP assured that medical facilities have been equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies to provide care and take all measures required to deal with COVID-19, including airborne infection isolation rooms, as per standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The government agency reiterated its call for everyone to adhere to preventive health and personal hygiene measures to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

It advised individuals with respiratory illness symptoms to avoid mixing in crowded places; and called on members of the public to seek information from official sources, and refrain from spreading misinformation.


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