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COVID: Dubai restaurants give free meals to the jobless

At least seven restaurants in Dubai have started giving away free meals to those who have lost their jobs or are on unpaid leaves because of COVID-19.

The restaurants’ managers and owners said they are doing this as a gesture of goodwill, noting how difficult times have been due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

“They have no money, no job; and so we provide food for free,” said Tauqueer Anjam, manager of Dolphina Restaurant in International City.

He said the free meal is available to any nationality and can be delivered anywhere in Dubai by just logging in on the company’s website at

Another restaurant is MyGovinda’s behind Regent Palace Hotel in Karama whose managing director, Mahesh Advani said it is part of their “commitment to support people in distress.”

“We have been doing this for the past 15 years where we have a ‘Kindness Fridge’ outside the restaurant every day where needy people can get food. This is our commitment to give back to the community.

“I have been staying in Dubai for the past 39 years. This is also the direction set by the rulers – to support the poor people. The leaders are showing the way,” said Advani.

“A lot of people lost their jobs. A lot of those on visit visa could not find jobs,” he added.

He said that due to a 24-hour sterilization campaign, MyGovinda’s free food service to those in need can be availed of still, but would need to picked up from the restaurant.

“You can call us on 04-396-0088 between 11 AM to 6 PM Saturday to Thursday to know more,” Advani said.

Meantime, Amir Khan, manager at Al Fareej Kitchen, said they are giving kebab and chicken biryani, among others, to those in International City and nearby areas.

“Many people have no money, no job, no salary,” he said, adding that their free meals are also open to people of any nationality.

Des Pardes Restaurant in Oud Metha near Lamcy Plaza is likewise giving free meals as well as Badshah Restaurant in Karama, whose manager, Daniyal Ahmed said their free meals – Indian and Arabic cuisines – are free to any nationality.

“A lot of people don’t have jobs and salary. We want to provide food for them,” Ahmed said.

Spice of India in Al Nahda near the new Lulu Hypermarket is also giving free meals. “We are giving limited quality to laborers, basically people who are desperate, needy; who could not afford to buy food,” said Ashok Sharma, manager.

“Nationality is not an issue,” he said, but made it clear that they are not distributing the meals due to restrictions on the movement of people. “They can come here and collect it,” he said.

Other restaurants include Hazara Darbar in International City.

Here is the list of the restaurants which has also been circulating on social media:

Dolphina Restaurant
Mobile : 050 4430136
Mobile :055 4483275

Hazara Darbar Restaurant
Mobile no 0522130113
Landline no 045646006
Mobile no 0588202047

Al Fareej kitchen
Mobile :0501302034
Mobile : 0509470272

My Govinda’s
Landline 043960088
Mobile 0505649227

Mobile 0502469369, 0502960284, 0561459936
Message for help

Des Pardes, Dubai 04 379 5702

Spice of India in Sharjah Al Nahda
06 537 8833 / 055 671 2669 / 050 387 2627


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