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UAE visas issued before March cut-off cancelled

DUBAI: Visit visas to the UAE issued before the March 17 cut-off have apparently also been cancelled, according to travel agencies, citing official government documents.

Malou Prado, CEO of MPQ Tourism told Rappler they learned about this after word got out that a visit visa holder from the Philippines who arrived at the Dubai International Airport last night was denied entry.

She said they checked the link at the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship (FAIC) which has the database of all travel document transactions and was able to confirm that visas were being cancelled. This is the link:

A screenshot of an entry at the government’s visa portal. (Supplied photo)

“We checked the system. Yung entry nila (sa field) ay ‘cancelled,’” Prado said.

“Naguluhan kami because they said hindi kasama yung mga visas na na-issue na before March 17,” she added, referring to an announcement issued by the UAE, March 14, on the suspension of all visas, except for diplomatic passport holders, that took effect on March 17.

The Emirates News Agency, citing FAIC, said “the decision  does not apply to those who already have their visas issued prior to the aforementioned date (March 17).”

The announcement resulted to a mad scramble by visit visa holders in the UAE to have their travel documents updated.

Visa runners on their way to a plane at Dubai International Airport to exit UAE and have their visas renewed.

Prado said they have over 50 clients of different nationalities affected. She added the cancelled visas include those for employment purposes. She said they can not refund the clients. A 90-day visit visa costs Dh800.

Sid Rivera, Marketing Manager of Al Qadi Tourism also confirmed there were visas being cancelled.

“Totoo po iyon. Yung mga papasok sa UAE from March 17 cancelled po ang visa. Kung hindi nakapasok by March 16, cancelled,” Rivera said.

He said they have up to 30 clients waiting for their flights whose visas were cancelled.

Visa cancellation is part of efforts by the UAE government to address concerns about the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus in the UAE. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) said there were 113 COVID-19 cases as of press time. There also were 26 recuperation and no deaths.


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