Free online seminars to help OFWs level up

DUBAI, UAE: A series of free online seminars for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) wanting to level up and gain skills toward entrepreneurship has been set, with the first edition scheduled to be held on Friday, June 18.

Dubbed, “Opportunity for Filipino Workers” (OFF Workers), the event will have twice-weekly, 45-minute Zoom and live stream seminars to be held every Friday and Sunday starting at 1pm UAE time.

This will culminate in a week-long trade fair in October this year, organizers said.  

Nineteen sessions with each facilitated by 19 resource people will be held.

The topics are:

  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • E-Commerce
  • Freelancing
  • Personal & Visual Branding
  • Sales, Persuasion & Marketing
  • Facebook Ads & Email Marketing
  • Website development
  • Productivity
  • Mindsets as well as mental health and strength  

On Friday, June 18, Dr. Strix Toledo, a productivity and transformative coach, speaker, and trainer, will discuss ways to create mind systems and thought processes to increase productivity at work.

Dr. Toledo has coached managers, regional directors, executive boards, and captains of industry.

Registration is free at

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