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Dubai: The Land of Good Food

Dubai is an international city of over 250 nationalities. Such being the case, visitors are treated to countless dining destinations offering varying cuisines and flavors on their spread. It’s no wonder that Dubai has also been known as the city of food bloggers/vloggers featuring the latest in haute cuisine prepared by culinary experts for gastronomicContinue reading “Dubai: The Land of Good Food”


‘Don’t share unofficial information about COVID-19’— Dubai Police

The Dubai Police cautioned residents against sharing unconfirmed and unofficial information about COVID-19 on social media. The move was made apparently in light of yesterday’s lockdown of two hotels in neighboring Abu Dhabi. In a town hall meeting at the Dubai Police Officers Club held in conjunction with the Philippine Consulate General’s Office, Lt. KhalidContinue reading “‘Don’t share unofficial information about COVID-19’— Dubai Police”

Your UAE visit or residence visa application can be rejected for these reasons

DUBAI: An official of the UAE’s General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has disclosed that they have a profiling method in place when reviewing applications for residence or visit visa, which determines approval or rejection. In an interview during the recent Fraud Conference Middle East, Capt. Mohammed Issa Al Marri, GDRFAContinue reading “Your UAE visit or residence visa application can be rejected for these reasons”

OFWs as ‘ambassadors’ of Filipino cuisine (May kakaibang luto ka ba?)

DUBAI: When the first batch of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) more than 30 years ago, they brought homegrown Philippine cuisine with them. Over time, adobo, kare-kare and bulalo, among a long list of other Pinoy comfort foods, steadily found their way, first at Filipino specialty restaurants and thenContinue reading “OFWs as ‘ambassadors’ of Filipino cuisine (May kakaibang luto ka ba?)”

Depression among OFWs: ‘The struggle is real’

DUBAI: Most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) suffer varying levels of depression because they carry “trigger factors” with them when they left the Philippines to work abroad. This, according to Philippine Consulate officials as well as practicing Filipino psychologists here who said such factors include marital issues, financial problems and missed career opportunities, meeting work demands,Continue reading “Depression among OFWs: ‘The struggle is real’”

UAE confirms 2 more COVID19 cases, one of them another Filipino

DUBAI:  The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) on late Friday afternoon, Feb. 21, announced two new COVID19 cases, one of them another Filipino. ”The two new cases are for a 34-year-old Filipino and a 39-year-old Bangladeshi. Their condition is stable,” MoHAP said. It was the second COVID19 case involving a Filipino. The announcement cameContinue reading “UAE confirms 2 more COVID19 cases, one of them another Filipino”

A day at the flea market — books galore

There’s a park at JLT — a good 15-min walk from the Damac metro station — that’s beaming with activity every third Friday of the month: a flea market that has anything from carpets to extension cords, hand-me-down clothes and shoes, home decor, shoes and yes, books. I get to have collector’s items like GabrielContinue reading “A day at the flea market — books galore”